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Achieve PT Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports injuries are some of the most common injuries that cause individuals to seek out a physical therapist. They can vary from ligaments sprains and muscle strains to ACL reconstructions and shoulder surgeries, and anywhere in between. At Achieve Physical Therapy, we strive to be well versed in all aspects of sports physical therapy. We work one on one with our athletes of all ages to assist with initial phases of physical therapy to decrease swelling, improve mobility, and increase strength; then, we progress our athletes through the therapy process to high level exercises, including plyometrics and agility training, to allow for a successful return to play, with focus on particular strength and conditioning exercises that will assist in prevention of repetitive injury. Also, as sports physical therapists, our goal is to work in a collaborative care environment where we work in partnership with parents, coaches, athletic trainers, physicians, and other health care professionals to promote a comprehensive and safe plan for return to play.


Sports-Specific Rehabilitation

Sports-specific rehabilitation is a subspecialty of orthopedic rehabilitation where physical therapists use the most current evidenced-based therapeutic techniques for each sport to maximize recovery for athletes. We see a wide range of athletes at Achieve, ranging from adolescent to college-level athletes, as well as weekend warriors. Each therapist is well versed in a variety of sports and use specific manual techniques, exercises, and flexibility training to progress each athlete’s overall function post-injury.


Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic modalities are tools that physical therapists use to help improve blood flow to sore tissues, decrease swelling post-injury, and lessen pain to improve tolerance to activities. Often they are used to warm up prior to or cool down after completing physical therapy treatment and are used as adjuncts to manual techniques used by your physical therapist. Achieve Physical Therapy uses moist heat, cold packs, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation as indicated per each individual’s injury in hopes to improve overall recovery from injury.


Cybex Strength Equipment (Commercial Grade)

Cybex Strength Equipment is the top of the line strength equipment. Cybex as a company has done, and continues to complete, extensive research in the area of strength and conditioning with their equipment to create the best and most effective strength equipment to improve overall results from strength and conditioning. At Achieve, we use our machines to target particular muscle groups that have been affected during an injury and create a home program for those who regularly attend a gym and have similar equipment to use there.


Cybex Cardiovascular Equipment (Commercial Grade)

At Achieve Physical Therapy, we use high-quality Cybex cardiovascular equipment to improve recovery post-injury. The equipment includes an Arc trainers, treadmills, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and upper extremity ergometers, all of which are used to individualize treatment and maximize results during physical therapy.


Free Weights (Commercial Grade)

Our free weights at each clinic are commercial grade and have range from light to heavy weights. With the wide variety of weights, our physical therapists can customize your treatment and assist with slow, but steady, progression of weight training exercises post-injury while still being able to make a program tailored to your specific needs.


Manual Therapies

The physical therapists at Achieve Physical Therapy spend the first part of your treatment after warm-up completing what is called “Manual Therapy.” The goal of manual therapy is to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility, decrease muscle spasm and swelling, and provide pain relief to allow for comfortable and beneficial exercises to be completed. We offer therapeutic soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and passive stretching, among other manual therapies.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Many of our therapists are certified in the Graston Technique®. The Graston Technique® is an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to detect and effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, as well as maintain optimal range of motion. For more information, please visit Graston Technique® at:



At Achieve, our therapist use various types of taping to assist with support for an injury as well as improve muscle stimulation and facilitation to promote quickened recovery.


ACL Prevention Program

Our ACL Program has been based off of the latest research in the area of ACL injury and rehabilitation. This program has been based off the Santa Monica PEP program with the addition of aspects of other successful ACL injury prevention programs. The goal our program is to reduce the modifiable risk factors associated with non-contact ACL injuries in female athletes through strength and conditioning training with neuromuscular re-education. We have also began to modify this program to encompass other groups of athletes, including men’s sports, in hopes to decrease risk of ACL injuries in contact sports across the spectrum of patient populations. It is a 6-8 week, one on one program, with a physical therapist in one of our clinics.